#Manchester councillors call for more gully cleaning machines. #floods and stuff…

A group of councillors has called for some of the £14.5m windfall received by Manchester City Council from Manchester Airport to be spent on the “purchase or lease” of an additional gully cleaning wagon.

Cllr Carl Austin

Cllr Carl Austin

The “Task and Finish” group, chaired by Burnage Councillor Carl Austin, met three times between March and June. Councillor Austin told his fellow councillors that “councillors and officers worked well together.” The group’s recommendations, which also included an endorsement of “the proposal to adopt a cyclcical intelligence-led approach to drainage cleaning”, were unanimously accepted by the Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Committee, and – presumably – go to Executive for rubber-stamping next week.

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4 Responses to #Manchester councillors call for more gully cleaning machines. #floods and stuff…

  1. Sam Darby says:

    Hi Marc, As you will see from the attached leaflet, Burnage Green party group put the question of blcked drains to the people of Burnage in February of this year and I had a letter in the MEN complaining about the Councils failure to deal with the “causes and consequences of climate change”. I found out that there is only one tam of workers for136,00 ndrains and qwe publicised this on the doorstep during the recent elections. All credit to Burnage Greens none to Carl who is an embarrased Burnage Labour councillor Sam Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2014 12:35:42 +0000 To: samdarby43@hotmail.com

    • Hi Sam,
      I’ve no doubt this issue has been bubbling under (sorry, couldn’t resist) for a long time. And I saw your letter when it came out, so wasn’t surprised that a Task and Finish group was set up. These seem to me to be a way to
      a) give the Council (officers and Exec) a kick up the arse on a specific issue
      b) garner some good/protective publicity for the members/chair of that Task and Finish group.
      So, the question is – how do we get local issues onto the agenda a) quicker than waiting for a councillor to feel the need to summat and b) in the absence of a councillor being willing to take a position at odds with his or her Party (and there is only one Party, after all). My suggestion is a People’s Environmental Scrutiny Committee, and I hope you can come on Tues 26th August to its first proper meeting… There will be (much) more on Manchester Climate Monthly in the coming days and weeks about this.



      PS My article would have been a lot stronger/more useful if I had included the background context! Will try to do better in future.

  2. Sam Darby says:

    Hi Marc,
    Only just got around to looking further into the report and comming back to here. I looked at the next executive agenda but the report is not on it. I think this is because in the report it says that finance for hiring or buying another gully wagon for a long term “inteligence” strategy (rather than just responding to complaints as at present), will depend on whether the finance is provided from the ‘clean and green’ funds. Presumably the executive will not consider the report unless it gets the funds first?
    ps I hope you saw the Burnage election result. 161% increase in our vote and squeezed the fence sitters into third place. We are just starting really. For us in Burnage (contrary to most of MGP) we are intent on not just winning an election but the deeper need to change ideology. We will now be starting an at least quarterly newsletter to try to deepen peoples understanding of our economic oppression and the dangers of climate change. Hopefully we now have 685 people in Burnage who will identify with us to some extent and begin to listen more closely to our views.

    • Hi Sam,
      yes, I am sure you are right about all the procedures needed instead of Executive etc. (Btw, blog post going up about Clean and Green very soon).
      Good luck with the Burnage newsletter! I think my thoughts on Manchester Green Party “strategy” (and its “implementation”) over these last few years are pretty well known, don’t need repeating.

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