Letter in #Manchester Evening News about council scrutiny and carbon literacy #climate

menletter14aug2014They edited it. Here’s the full text.

Following on from Amal Basu’s letter (August 7th) about the lack of environmental action by Manchester City Council.  As readers will know, there are 95 Labour Councillors and one “Independent Labour” Councillor.  There are six scrutiny committees, made up of “back-bench” councillors, which are supposed to keep tabs on the 9-member Executive and officers.
I recently asked the chairs of the six scrutiny committees if they had gone through the one-day “carbon literacy” training that has been talked about for years.  Three replied – “no, but we will”.  Three others didn’t even reply.
This isn’t good enough.  On Tuesday 26th August there is a meeting of the People’s Environmental Scrutiny Committee.  This exists so that people can get to know each other, support each others’ projects and efforts. It also exists to lobby – via its example – the Council to set up a seventh – Environmental Scrutiny Committee.  The meeting is from 7pm at the Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount St.  If you can’t come, but still want to be involved, you can email environmentalscrutiny@gmail.com or look at environmentalscrutiny.info

Marc Hudson
editor of Manchester Climate Monthly

And the three non-replying scrutiny chairs?  Having not replied to repeated emails and the occasional tweet, please step forward Tracey Rawlins (Baguely ward, chair of Communities), Carl Ollerhead (Didsbury West, chair of Finance) and – oh the irony, given that he chairs the very scrutiny committee (Neighbourhoods) that is supposed to be looking at climate change – Basil Curley.



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