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Finance Scrutiny Committee WON’T have promised report on £14.5m Clean City Fund

UPDATE 25th Sept 2014:  You will not BELIEVE the video that I put up later tonight.  Finance Scrutiny Committee DID have two officers and an Executive Member in front of them today.  With a brief report, circulated that morning that … Continue reading

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Coal train occupied by UK activists.

At least one of ’em is Manchester-based. More to follow. (This has been done before, btw, but sequels can be better than the originals). Hi Marc I’m on top of a coal train right now with 49 ordinary people, who … Continue reading

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Richard Leese says Manchester Council has monthly eco-dashboard. Does it? Er, no…

Council Leader Richard Leese told a committee of councillors that Manchester council collates monthly data on environmental performance.  MCFly asked to see it. After being forced to wait 20 working days, it emerges Manchester is NOT a monthly environmental dashboard. … Continue reading

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Council buys four leaf-blowers, has no audit of impact, no provision for less usage. Low Carbon Culture?

In August MCFly asked a few questions about Manchester City Council’s ownership and analysis of its leaf-blowers. Now, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, we have the answers. The Council has bought 4 more leaf-blowers in the last year, … Continue reading

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Polar Bear Facepalm: Even the accountants think we’re doomed

Actually, it’s people like accountants, re-insurers and, um, scientists, who have been scared about this for the longest.  They are trained to see the world less “ideologically”* than your average arts-graduate Grauniad/Telegraph reader. (hat-tip to the super-cool Joe Blakey). … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Politics of Airport Expansion in the United Kingdom: Hegemony, Policy and the Rhetoric of ‘sustainable Aviation’

Manchester-based academic Dr Damian O’Doherty reviews Manchester University Press’s “The Politics of Airport Expansion in the United Kingdom” for Manchester Climate Monthly. In this study of airports and aviation Griggs and Howarth draw extensively from the corpus of work produced … Continue reading

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Old #Trafford Apple Day Sat 4th October

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TreeStation open day – Sat 27th September

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Marching in #Manchester on #climate on Sunday? Read this first.

Still go, if that floats your boat, but this – “But when the overriding demand is for numbers, which is about visuals, which is about P.R. and marketing, everything becomes lowest common denominator. The lack of politics is a political … Continue reading

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Coming up in #Manchester over the next few days…

Spoilt for choice for things to do – or at least attend – over the next few days. Sat 20th Sept, 7pm (show starts at 8pm) “An Evening of Entertainment – fundraiser for AfSL, Clean Up Salford and Manchester Friends … Continue reading

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