Video: What’s happening in September in #Manchester, environment-wise

Every month a different person (people?) doing this. Interested in learning the skills involved (public speaking, video-making etc), please get in touch –

This is more or less what I said –

The People’s Environmental Scrutiny Committee exists for people to share skills and knowledge, and to lobby for the City Council to set up its own Environmental Scrutiny Committee.

This video will explain things that are coming up in September – including other groups’ activities and mention ways that you can get involved. Our email is
Going chronologically…

There’s a Cycle Forum Meeting on Tuesday 9th September 2014 at 17:30

Friends of the Earth has its main meeting on the same night at 7pm

At about the same time PESC will be releasing a report on the Total Carbon Footprint approach to measuring and asking people to send it on to their councillors.

On the 15th September the second “things you need to know about Manchester City Council” will come out. It’s 8 informative pages. Please read and circulate!

Also released early that week will be two reports by the Council that will be of great interest. The first, following a survey in May, will be on the state of Scrutiny itself. That will be presented to at least 5 of the 6 scrutiny committees. If YOU have ever been to a scrutiny committee meeting and lived to tell the tale, tell it to us, asap
The second is the “action plan” for recommendations made by the “Environmental Sustainbility subgroup of councillors that met last year. The original version of this plan wasn’t “SMART” enough, so councillors asked officers to go away and come back with something better.

On Thursday 18th there is a “Fuelling Manchester” networking meeting at the Bulls Head pub. On Saturday 20th there is a fund-raiser for Friends of the Earth, Action for Sustainable Living and Clean Up Salford at the Carlton Club in Whalley Range
On Monday 22nd the PESC has its meeting at the Moss Side Community Allotment. Come meet other people, learn skills and have fun!

From Tuesday 23rd, the Council’s six scrutiny committees begin to meet. Ideally we will try to get people going to all of them. But realistically, there’ll only be appetite and personnel for a couple. Are you free on Tuesday 23rd at 2pm or Weds 24th at 10am? The Neighbourhoods and Economy Scrutiny Committees are meeting at the Town Hall. Those are the crucial meetings – the agendas will include not just that “scrutiny” report, but also an action plan for the recommendations of an Environmental Sustainability group of councillors that met last year. Tuesday 23rd at 2pm, or Weds 24th at 10am.

Then, on Thursday 25th, at 10am, the Finance Scrutiny Committee is calling on council bosses to give a detailed account of what money has so far been spent from the “Clean and Green” fund. It promises to be VERY interesting.

If you can’t come to any of those meetings, but still want to be involved, please do the following
a) fill in the “skills audit” online. We want to know what skills you have and want from our list of 11 skills
b) have a look at the “projects we want to do if there are people who are up for them”

Thanks for watching!
Our email is

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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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