Upcoming Event: “The Empty Promise of the Sharing Economy” #Manchester Weds 24 Sept

Below is the full academic version. If I were a scurrilous tabloid hack, as opposed to a PhD student at the Sustainable Consumption Institute (1) I would say

“Tree-huggers want to get us out of our greed heads, and have been starry-eyed about the ‘sharing economy’ as the way forward. But it’s waaaay more complicated than that, and here’s examples from car-sharing in cities to show you why.  We’re still doomed.”

becarefulwhatyouwishforBut I am NOT a scurrilous tabloid hack (any more) and so here is the full academic version-

“Proponents of sustainable consumption have long endorsed the attenuation of societal commitments favoring product ownership and the corresponding ascendency of exchange relationships predicated on communal access. Concomitantly, the past several years have given rise to a new wave of Internet-enabled commerce that reconfigures customary systems for the usership of goods and services. Most sustainability proponents have encouraged this upsurge of interest in so-called collaborative consumption as a hopeful and positive development with some analyses even interpreting the renewal of
sharing as early evidence that established consumerist lifestyles are starting to unwind. There is, though, an interesting paradox—namely the absence of much genuine sharing in the purported “sharing economy.” This presentation will highlight the empty promise of business models premised on the mutual utilization of products and explain how a small handful of crusading entrepreneurs has misconstrued these unfolding developments.The critique is premised on a two-dimensional taxonomy that distinguishes four different consumption modes based on ownership type (individual or conjoint) and ownership motivation (pecuniary or non-pecuniary). Applications from urban transportation are used to demonstrate the utility of this framework. The resultant analysis discloses the ersatz quality of most contemporary sharing activity and exposes its ineffectualness as a sustainability strategy.”

The seminar is on Weds 24th September 4 to 5.30pm in the Harold Hankins building (the tall one in the Manchester precinct.) Free, no need to book.

Marc “never let the facts get in the way of a good story” Hudson

(1) True fact. And also the reason why posting on Manchester Climate Monthly is about to fall off a cliff.

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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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