Coming up in #Manchester over the next few days…

Spoilt for choice for things to do – or at least attend – over the next few days.

Sat 20th Sept, 7pm (show starts at 8pm) “An Evening of Entertainment – fundraiser for AfSL, Clean Up Salford and Manchester Friends of the Earth The Carlton Club,113 Carlton Rd, Whalley Range. Here’s more details

Sun 21st, 1130am Climate march in Piccadilly Gardens. Most people know (and most of them secretly or publicly share) my views of marches. They don’t build movements (they can often weaken them). If they did, we wouldn’t be in this mess. At most they give an ephemeral boost to numbers attending (usually dreadful) meetings in the following weeks. They are – along with camps – basically emotathons. Want more confirmation that it is – at a global level – just a corporate branding exercise – see this.

Various Labour Party Fringe events. Yippy.

Mon 22nd, 7pm to 8.30pm People’s Environmental Scrutiny Committee meeting, Moss Side Community Allotment, Bowes St, Moss Side. If you can’t come but want to be involved, email  This will see the formal launch of the brilliant “Total Carbon Footprint – time for a second step” report. If you can’t come, please fill in a brief survey (we want to know your views on ‘what is a low carbon culture’, for instance.

There’s also, next week, a LOT of meetings that climate campaigners could be at Manchester Town Hall. But the speakers at the march won’t mention any of those, for the simple reason that they don’t know about them, or understand what is at stake.  It’s a good thing it’s too late to avert catastrophic climate change – if it weren’t, they’d all be morally culpable, eh?

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2 Responses to Coming up in #Manchester over the next few days…

  1. Tracy Neil says:

    Hi Marc

    What do you suggest instead of emotathons, for those of us who don’t have the time or the energy to do more than the occasional one-off thing? I already sign petitions, write to my MP etc etc. Pointless trying to engage local councillors, on the whole, most of them are just interested in the photo opportunities. Trying to eke out a living means I can’t go to any meetings because I’m either working or knackered due to my disability.

    I do already ‘walk the walk’ personally – cycling, recycling, vegan blah blah.

    Any serious suggestions welcome!



    • Hi Tracy,

      two things first off.

      Most importantly – thanks for the work that you already do – signing petitions and writing to your MP. I understand your frustration with local councillors, but I’d ask you to seek out ones – even if they are not your ward – and continue to engage.

      Second – I TOTALLY sympathise with your inability/unwillingess to attend meetings. This is ENTIRELY rational, praiseworthy in fact. Most meetings are worse than useless, demoralising newbies and feeding the egos of organisers.

      Now –
      Third – I am think it’s great that you walk the walk. I cycle, recycle, but am – shamefully, not yet vegan (I have cut out cow juice, but cheese – esp on pizza – is my downfall.

      Fourth (and finally!) there are LOADS of things you can do. There’s a “jobs list” on the website,

      divided into simple and quick through to complex and long. If you have time, and no skills, I have jobs. If you have time and skills, I have jobs. Yes, I work mostly at a local authority level. I know full-well that this rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic, but the Titanic has already hit the iceberg.

      Very very practically – are there skills you have that you can share? Are there skills you want that other people might help you with? There is a survey here-

      My assumption is that it is basically too late to mitigate for less than 4 degrees above pre-industrial. My goal is therefore to create networks of people and organisations that can cope with the shit-storms to come. If we DON’T prepare, then it will be the same horrible “devil-take-the-hindmost” neoliberal nightmare of the last 30 years. And that is morally repugnant to me

      You can get hold of me on either or

      Thanks again for what you already do!

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