Community energy training day, Tues 4th November, #Manchester

I would like to invite you to a ‘training day’ workshop. This is for people who are interested in getting community owned renewable energy projects off the ground in their communities.

The objective of community owned solar projects are to help create  local ‘eco-hubs’ within neighbourhoods which lead to much wider benefits:

  • Provide clean, green electricity for at least twenty years helping to reduce CO2 emissions, aid security of energy supply and increase resilience.
  • Elevate awareness of the need to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate against climate change, through renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency.
  • Provide an educational resource for the local community.
  • Provide a cohesive central point for action in which the community can engage and build.
  • Provide a guaranteed, index linked income for the twenty year duration of the Feed-in-Tariff.
  • Provide further income from the sale of the electricity generated for the working life of the scheme.
  • The community will benefit from this revenue being reinvested in future schemes and other community projects such as helping to reduce housing energy costs  and raising awareness of energy efficiency measures.

The aim of the day will be for people to leave with business cases for potential projects which they can then take to building owners. Buildings that could be potential hosts for community solar projects include Schools, community buildings, any council owned buildings, business parks and offices (any further ideas welcome)


The day will take the following format:

  • Groups will be asked to come along with a lap top and 10 postcodes for buildings that could host potential solar projects
  • Step by step processes to develop a business case for potential projects
    • Measuring roofs using google earth
    • Calculating kWp capacity from roof areas
    • Using tools to find out what energy that area of roof will generate
    • Using a spread sheet tool to calculate output FIT and export generation
    • Using a ‘business case’ template to take to potential land owners
  • The project process, what you need to do, in order….
  • Finance options, funding and Community share issues….
  • The Community energy co-operative model, why and how it works
  • Social impact and evaluation of a project.


By the end of the workshop, groups should have an understanding of whether they have some projects and how they can progress them.  Groups will be able to take spreadsheet templates home with them, to continue their own research finding further projects.

Groups are being invited from across the Greater Manchester area, so it will also be a good opportunity to meet other groups/people with similar aspirations, to share notes and begin to form a network for sharing and transferring knowledge.

The workshop will start at 10.30am on Tuesday 4th November. It will finish at 4. Lunch will be provided. The venue is room B17, The Green fish Resource centre,  46 – 50 Oldham St, Manchester, M4 1LE – The nearest tram stop is Market Street in the Northern Quarter.

The workshop is free, but places are limited so please let me  know as soon as you can whether you can make the day.

If you are unable to bring a lap-top, please let me know.

Please forward this invitation to any friends or associates you know who may want to come along.

Many thanks and I’ll hope to see you on the day,


Kate Gilmartin: BSc, MSc
Director – Renewable Energy
07763 756549 · My Green Investment C.I.C 
Registered in England No.8492208

About manchesterclimatemonthly

Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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2 Responses to Community energy training day, Tues 4th November, #Manchester

  1. Kate Gilmartin says:

    Many thanks Marc,

    When are you switching your attention to your PHd? Is there anyone else to take up the Manchester Climate monthly? It’s a really useful post on many different levels, political/info/ local/ global and personal (I need a regular reminder about the enormity of climate change to keep me focused, as otherwise daily living soon stifles the big picture and the context that gives…..)

    Best regards,


    • Hi Kate,
      thanks. I already have switched attention, to some extent. But if I am unable to keep myself away from it I may take the nuclear option and just get somebody else to change the passwords and not give them to me!

      There is no-one else in Manchester (that I know!) who is BOTH a) up-for-it AND b) reliable, which is what you need in this game.

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