What is a low carbon culture? – Great reply already!

whatisalowcarboncultureThe People’s Environmental Scrutiny Team (PEST) is asking people “what is a low carbon culture?”  It is putting together a report, to be launched on Monday 17th November at the Friends Meeting House (7pm).  Here’s one of the first replies, from Pauline Hocking.

“A low carbon future (or present) would in my dreams look like this – people no longer trying to fill an empty hole inside with material goods, money, position, power but instead happy and content with simplicity and loving connections to other humans, our companion species and the entire earth. Our intelligence, resourcefulness and creativity would be directed into implementing all the solutions which already exist and developing more rather than putting attention and energy into finances, consumption, petty arguing and war. Food would grow everywhere – in every patio, public space, garden, wall, roof and a plethora of renewable energy sources, each chosen to match local conditions, would generate the minimum of energy that we would need following a maximisation of energy conservation measures. The world would be gorgeous and green as we plant everywhere to soak up all the excess carbon. Human relations would know a new dawn as people mixed and entertained themselves in low carbon ways with music, dance, games, storytelling, food sharing, crafts, art and relaxed with meditation, massage, walking and at night we would see all the billions of stars in the sky and become directly aware (rather than second hand through Brian Cox documentaries) of the amazing universe our precious planet is housed in. xxxx”


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2 Responses to What is a low carbon culture? – Great reply already!

  1. ianbodgerbrown says:

    PEST – there’s a good acronym. I am working on a submission but I cannot guarantee to come up with one half a good at that made by Pauline Hocking, so I may end up endorsing her submission.

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