Video: On climate change – causes, impacts for Manchester& increasing your political footprint

The brilliant ReelMcr folks interviewed me a couple of weeks ago at the Moss Side Community Allotment. Here’s the video. Comments welcome!

And here is brilliantly useful feedback from one person –

When discussing effects like droughts affecting grain crops and impacts on food prices and availability, and also the possibility for increased political violence around the planet due to climate impacts, I think it’s worth pointing out that while these have always happened, what’s different, is now they are forecast to be more frequent and more intense.

Climate on steroids. And likewise with respect to wars, outbreaks of citizen revolts… The piece that’s new: now lots more and more severe. More crises in countries than ever before.

Joe Romm influence on my thinking I believe.

You did mention that intensity issue on the rain issue.

Maybe the steroids issue isn’t in the public mind in UK? It’s common knowledge among anyone who pays a bit of attention to sports over here.
70 home runs instead of 40-50 kind of thing is easily grasped.

Also I’m biased to emphasize this frequency and intensity point because AB farmers — my relatives and my wife’s father for example — they say ‘well we’ve always had extreme weather and we survived it.’ They did tough it out in the 1930’s drought for example.

But my rebuttal is of course, well, what if every 2nd or 3rd year you had crop failure due to drought or extreme rainfalls? Can you afford that?  Crop insurance can be purchased that provides significant income supplement but repeated years of crop yield declines result in higher premiums and lower payouts. And farming is barely profitable for many at present.

Of what if the next drought period goes 15 or 20 years in duration?


When you were making the lightbulb vs political footprint argument about the need for collective approach to climate, I wanted to hear you offer some statistic like even if we all improved our personal choices as much as possible, there is still 60% or so of carbon emissions that are due to energy used in commercial infrastructure and industrial uses of energy has to be addressed by government and industry.

I use this in response to the hypocrisy attack, when it’s pointed out that I could personally be doing more. Individual efforts and no attention to political change still leaves a catastrophe down the road because most fossil fuel energy use would still be happening.

Top be less abstract than saying industry and infrastructure, I point out examples like rental housing. Few landlords will ever do efficiency upgrades without gov’t regulation. Everybody gets that one.

Overall you come across very coherently. Maybe a tad too fast of a tempo….

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1 Response to Video: On climate change – causes, impacts for Manchester& increasing your political footprint

  1. Sam Gunsch says:

    Buffalo mega-snow and media using the juicing (steroid) analogy:

    excerpt: “Global warming is probably juicing lake-effect snows, and we’ve had the data to prove it for quite some time.”

    Climate on the juice:

    slang. – taking anabolic steroids
    Rumor has it that the reason Barry Bonds is able to hit so many home runs is because he’s “on the juice”.

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