Stupid offensive Australian undermines #climate action (not in Manchester)

Tony Abbott is the Australian Prime Minister.  Australia has been hosting the latest meeting of the G20, in Brisbane.  Australia, long a major “spoiler” of international action (nothing to do with their enormous coal exports) had been trying to keep climate change off the agenda.

Three days before the meeting, Obama and Xi Jinping (Chinese leader) announced an emissions reductions agreement.  Abbott’s cunning plan came completely unstuck.  But wait, it gets funnier…


I defy you to make this stuff up.  It’s like the lizards have taken over.


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5 Responses to Stupid offensive Australian undermines #climate action (not in Manchester)

  1. From Reuters; “The United States and other nations overrode host Australia’s attempts to keep climate change off the formal agenda. Australia is one of the world’s biggest carbon emitters per capita.” Then as pointed out by

    , they then commit to an increase in growth of 2.1%. How can these be smart people, if they can continue with a growth in consumption on a finite planet?

  2. ianbodgerbrown says:

    Who’d have thought the Vladimir Putin had a sense of humour!

  3. Dave Bishop says:

    Obama may have signed an agreement on climate change with the Chinese premier but it looks like he will run into trouble at home. The Independent reported recently that Senator Inhofe, a notorious Republican climate change sceptic, has just been appointed to the chair of the US Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee. The only bright spot in this dismal story is that Inhofe is 80 years old – so, if we’re lucky, may not last much longer!

  4. The Ecologists has an article about Obama conffffrontiing Abbott about climate change:

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