Protesting in Paris. Really??; Manchester meeting, Fri Nov 28 CANCELLED


At the end of next year there is one of those big international meetings on climate change. You know, the ones that have achieved so much. Like Kyoto… or Copenhagen.  Already there are attempts to get activists “excited” about this.  Ed Miliband himself (who will either be Prime Minister or stacking shelves in Tesco by then) is encouraging people to pile on the pressure.  There is SO much local work that needs doing.  But instead, no, let’s go off and have a jolly.  Let’s alienate people who don’t have the time, money, commitment to do that.  Let’s take up all the oxygen and bandwidth feeding the egos of a few hundred politicians and mediators of dissent.  Yum.   [To be fair, the person who has asked me to publicise this event says it is NOT going to be like that. If someone wants to do a write-up for MCFly, the email address is]

“What links tuition fees, climate change, and student resistance?

Here’s the facebook link
Please join us for the Manchester leg of a UK-wide speaker tour with Jérémie Bédard-Wien from Québec, where students brought down their government when it tried bring in tuition fees.

Jérémie will speak alongside other student and climate activists about how students can get organised locally and internationally in the lead up to the UN’s COP21 climate talks in Paris next year and beyond

We invite friends affiliated with both universities in Manchester to participate in the discussion and start thinking about how we can coordinate student climate action across the UK and internationally.

Organised by the Campaign against Climate Change, Manchester Young Greens, and a growing list of local societies.


Avila House, 335-337 Oxford Rd, Manchester M13 9PG

Arrive at 7.15pm to start at 7.30pm

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