Mon 15th Dec – public speaking and video making practice opportunities at PEST meeting

From People’s Environmental Scrutiny Team website

public speakingOn Monday 15th December you can get help, practical advice and encouragement about

a) public speaking and/or
b) video-making.

The next meeting of the People’s Environmental Scrutiny Team will focus on these two skills from its list of 11 that it is trying to nurture and spread. It takes place at the Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount St, from 7pm. There is no need to filmaking ICONbook.

If you feel that you are a “practitioner”, “expert” or “ninja” at either public speaking or video-making and can attend the night, please get in touch. (And if you want to help, but can’t come, please have a look at the bluffer’s guides for public speaking and video-making and tell us what’s missing).

The format is yet to be decided (anyone want to help design this meeting?) but will involve a brief intro and then work in small groups. Nobody will be filmed without their consent, and footage of people who do consent to being filmed will be given to them so they can see what they look and sound like while doing their public speaking.

PEST has three goals

a) increase the skills, knowledge and connections of those who are involved
b)lobby the council (principally by example) for the creation of a seventh scrutiny committee (on the environment)
and as of 2015, c) help people prepare for unpleasant changes ahead

So far PEST has held some interactive meetings and released a whole bunch of reports

The next report (help is needed in project-managing this) will be on the subject of “What can we do to help each other be less unready for unpleasant surprises (Flu Pandemics, Extreme Weather Events, power cuts etc).” It will be released in January. Help is needed on all aspects of this – researching, writing, proof-reading, choosing a snappy title.

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