#Manchester City Council fails to scrutinise its increasing emissions. Of course.

In February the Council (1) promised that it would start producing quarterly reports on the “progress” it was making with its Climate Change actions.  It didn’t do this, of course.

Finally, in November, after a lot of pushing from citizens, it said it would.  It didn’t deliver on time, of course.  And when it DID deliver, it wasn’t a report on actions taken/not taken, of course.

It was merely a statement of whether the council’s own emissions had gone down or up.  They’d gone up, of course.


And now it emerges that the scant 4 page report isn’t even included in the agenda or papers of the scrutiny committee that is allegedly there to look at what is happening on climate change (the Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Committee, one of the six “scrutiny” committees.)

Of course.

What the committee WILL be hearing about is the latest chapter in the long running farce that is the “Green and Blue Infrastructure Plan”.

Officers have been promising this for years. In July 2013 the Glorious Leader told Liberal Democrats that the plan was being reviewed imminently.  That never happened (and no apology was made, of course).

Then, clearly too busy with other things [er, what?], the Environmental “Strategy” Team spent 30,000 pounds finding someone else to do the work for them.  And then somehow didn’t find it appropriate to tell the elected councillors that they were doing this.

Of course.

(1) As in, the Executive Member for the Environment, Kate Chappell, currently on maternity leave.

Below are the agendas of the 6 scrutiny committees.  You have to know where to hunt to find the agendas.  It’s apparently too much trouble to aggregate them automatically.  Of course.

Tuesday 16th December

Young People and Children’s

10am The Scrutiny Committee Room, Level 2, Town Hall Extension

This meeting will be webcast – see www.manchester.gov.uk/webcasts


2pm The Scrutiny Committee Room, Level 2, Town Hall Extension

Wednesday 17th December


10am The Scrutiny Committee Room, Level 2, Town Hall Extension


2pm The Scrutiny Committee Room, Level 2, Town Hall Extension

Thursday 18th December


10am The Scrutiny Committee Room, Level 2, Town Hall Extension

This meeting will be webcast – see www.manchester.gov.uk/webcasts


2pm The Scrutiny Committee Room, Level 2, Town Hall Extension

This meeting will be webcast – see www.manchester.gov.uk/webcasts


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8 Responses to #Manchester City Council fails to scrutinise its increasing emissions. Of course.

  1. Lev Eakins says:

    What, you mean there’s a lack of scrutiny in a Council that has no elected opposition? Well, that’s what the people of Manchester want, of course.

    • I sat there through 2012 and 2013 Lev, while your party still had Councillors. And they did a piss poor job of scrutinising. Attendance was spotty at best, as well.

      And if the Lib Dems want to scrutinise, how come they don’t turn up to scrutiny meetings etc as members of the public? How come they don’t get their former councillors teaching people the ins and outs?

      • Lev Eakins says:

        You’re right, of course, Mark. Having opposition Cllrs at MCC is a waste of time.

        Just as well the city has you filling in for that role.

        Don’t know what the city would do without you.

      • Ah Lev, classy as ever.

        I never said that opposition councillors were automatically a waste of time. Your comprehension skills no better than when I was having to interact with you.

        I simply pointed out that the Lib Dems basically stopped showing up (literally) and it was in the end only Simon Wheale and Mary DiMauro (and Victor Chamberlain) who were DOING THEIR JOBS. I also pointed out that if the Lib Dems were serious about helping the citizens of Manchester keep tabs on the council they’d share what knowledge and skills they had. But they don’t appear to be doing that. Can you point to examples of where they are?

        I have never once seen you at a scrutiny committee meeting. I have never once read information that you’ve extracted by submitting a FoIA. Maybe you have. Can you point to examples?

        Stay classy, Lev.

      • Lev Eakins says:

        So the LDs did a piss poor job… except some of them… but they stopped showing up… except three.

        It’s not too difficult to see that your generalised criticism of, well, pretty much everyone and everything falls apart upon closer interrogation.

        You’re like the Russell Brand of Climate activism, hurling abuse dressed up in comedy at any target you can find hoping someone will do something to change how horrible the world is – whilst never engaging in the system yourself.

        I think that’s why many are frustrated by that kind of political criticism. Because Brand and yourself are never willing to join a party, engage in the process, maybe stand for election yourself, you never see the subtleties or nuances of modern politics. All you see if wrongness on stilts, so you set caps lock on and keep pulling the trigger til it goes click.

        It gets boring after a while, maybe that’s why you’re so often ignored by the Council?

      • Ignored the questions about what YOU are doing Lev, of course. And continued down the straw-man path that you set up. #stayclassy

        The council is ignoring me because I am asking the right questions.

        What are YOU doing, Lev? What are YOU doing to improve the capacity of people in Manchester to hold the Council to account Eh??? No more wasted electrons and bandwidth from you on this site until you answer that question.

        “Nuances and subtleties” – I presume you mean wriggle room for careerists. How’s your political career since the voters made their choice a while back?

        And why don’t you read these –



        before wasting everyone’s time and attention. Loads of concrete suggestions, practical proposals. What have YOU generated, Lev? What have YOU done, other than fail to climb greasy poles?

      • Lev Eakins says:

        I didn’t stand for election again in Manchester as I had decided to move to Brighton, which I did in 2012 when my term was completed. I started a Brighton based interfaith charity, which I now work for, so I’ve not been involved in Manchester politics since 2012.

        I’m just a regular Joe pointing out that there’s a lack of formal scrutiny at the Council because that’s the way the people of Manchester have voted. It’s a pity, really, as I think the LDs did a fairly good job at scrutinising, at least on some committees, when I was there.

        I reckon you could fill some of that void, but you’d need to up your game, journalistically speaking, and instead of being seen as the angry loon throwing brickbats at any moving target, you could try to grasp and appreciate alternative points of view, rather than demonising them.

        The most successful military generals are those who understand and even empathise with their enemies, rather than the ones who believe their own spin and propaganda about how inferior they are. If the Council see you as a fair and balanced journalist seeking the truth, even if you do have some cutting words to say about them on here, they will nevertheless respect you and probably help you more than they do now.

      • So, what you’ve got amounts to tone policing.

        The facts (and I have uncovered them, because “journalistically” my game is fine) speak for themselves Lev. The Council just wishes the whole issue of the climate promises they made in 2009 would go away.

        They don’t just ignore me, they ignore everyone who isn’t telling them they are wonderful.

        Which “alternative points of view” should I appreciate? Ones that is it okay to break promise after promise after promise after promise, even the ones that cost no money and would help create a “low carbon culture.”

        You lurk on this site even though you live in Brighton, Lev, so you must have some strong opinions about which – precisely – stories that have run on MCFly are inaccurate and unimportant. The ones about not releasing promised quarterly reports? The ones about Kate Chappell breaking her promise to start blogging? The one about the Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Committee repeatedly NOT scrutinising? The ones about… and so on.

        The last thing I remember you doing, in full Council shortly before the voters made their decision about you, was slagging off the notion of steady state economics.

        Still believe in infinite growth on a finite planet, Lev? Did you spot that the year 2014 was the warmest year ever, and that the life-support systems of the planet are fraying badly?

        Actually, I really don’t care what you think. Tatty-by.

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