#Manchester City Council in low performance on energy indicators shocker! #whoknew

Are you sitting down?  Are you braced for a shock?
It turns out that Manchester City Council … isn’t performing very well on energy issues, especially when it comes to independent monitoring and verification*!!  Meanwhile,bears are catholic.

In a report launched earlier this month, Manchester scored 13th out of 25 local authorities on a range of indicators.  The report, which is free to download here, (or overview here) “considers how a selection of Local Authorities has worked to influence the local energy and energy efficiency agenda.”


Older readers will remember that Manchester City Council used to bang on about how the city would be the “greenest city in the UK by 2010.”  Just more aspirational/”come invest here, we don’t really regulate” boosterist nonsense from our elected representatives, bless ’em…

* So much for the Steering Group, then. Clearly, like most of the population of Manchester, the report writers had never heard of it.  All those marvellously skilled ‘public relations’ experts who achieved… what, precisely, again?


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2 Responses to #Manchester City Council in low performance on energy indicators shocker! #whoknew

  1. I have only glanced at this report and found it has no glossary for the acronyms they use? They also state in the Executive summary, a note at the bottom of page 10, which I find hard to believe: ‘The four leading authorities in energy in housing are Kingston-upon-Hull, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Wirral’. I also have not come across ISO 50001, and I thought I was fairly up-to-date with standards. Obviously lots more reading to do.

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