Scientist; “my daughter’s generation will find it increasingly hard to survive”

“People say the world is robust and that’s true, there will be life on Earth, but the Earth won’t be robust for us,” [Will Steffen] said. “Some people say we can adapt due to technology, but that’s a belief system, it’s not based on fact. There is no convincing evidence that a large mammal, with a core body temperature of 37C, will be able to evolve that quickly. Insects can, but humans can’t and that’s a problem.”

“It’s clear the economic system is driving us towards an unsustainable future and people of my daughter’s generation will find it increasingly hard to survive. History has shown that civilizations have risen, stuck to their core values and then collapsed because they didn’t change. That’s where we are today.”

From here.

Meanwhile, Manchester City Council can’t even organise its own councillors to undertake carbon literacy training, and breaks the law by refusing to release basic information.

Complete and utter failure of leadership and integrity.  Welcome to the future.


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3 Responses to Scientist; “my daughter’s generation will find it increasingly hard to survive”

  1. I have told you in the past, Richard Leese, leader(?) of the 100% Labour, Manchester City Council. Is not a leader or clever, but a bully, as demonstrated when he put his 16 year old step-daughter in hospital after smacking hard across the head.

    • And if Leese weren’t there? Do you think the culture would be radically different? These are bureaucracies and hierarchies,and for them to act in the “public interest” requires a tireless, informed and unfobbable public. No?

      • With a real leader in the council, who ensured all the councillors were fully informed and able to take an active role in running the council, yes the culture would be different. And the majority public is not well informed, but after of decades of being ‘fobbed off’ ignored and dumped on. No longer vote, as they feel their vote does not count, there is nobody else viable to vote for as an alternative and all politicians are in it for themselves Hence the idiots, locally and nationally stay in power, they are there by default, not due to talent.

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