#Manchester Council spends £50k out-sourcing basic green work

The mercifully abolished Environmental Strategy Team awarded over 50 thousand pounds worth of contracts in 2014, for work that many will wonder “why isn’t this being done in-house?” Manchester Climate Monthly used the Freedom of Information Act to extract the following information about contracts; To the Manchester Metropolitan University for Delivery of the Carbon Literacy training to MCC staff Phase 1b and Councillor training. The value of the contract is £12,960.00 [The Councillor training – that’s the one where it was overwhelmingly chaotic, and the Council STILL hasn’t released the numbers of councillors trained, breaching their legal obligations to do so.]  b. To BDP who are lead partner in a consortium with Eftec and  Countryscape for the contract for work on the Green Infrastructure Strategy. The value of the contract is £30,000. [That’s the one where, when asked what “consultation” had been done, bureaucrats referred to a “Green and Blue Infrastructure Committee”, without mentioning that the BDP man sat between them, headed that committee. See this extraordinary video.] c. To Groundwork as part of Eco Neighbourhoods activity to undertake    detailed environmental audits of 7 wards, design and deliver community    environmental workshops in 5 wards including arranging invitees,    presenters, and facilitation, produce environmental action plans, and    undertake follow-up surveys of the workshops. The value of the contract    is £9,500. [Which wards? Which workshops? When? Where are these plans?  Isn’t this PRECISELY what ward co-ordinators are supposed to do?  More info requests will be going in…]


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