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Only 1 out of #Manchester City Council’s 10 ‘Strategic Managers’ is carbon literate

The Manchester Climate Change Action Plan of 2009 called for everyone who lives, works or studies in Manchester to have had a day’s ‘carbon literacy training’ by the end of… 2013. Manchester City Council promised to take a leadership role … Continue reading

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#Manchester City Council delivers ZERO carbon literacy training since June 2016, despite election promises

Manchester City Council made only two, failed, attempts to organise carbon literacy training for its own councillors in the second half of 2016. This is despite a firm pre-council-elections promise that they would ‘roll out training.” In response to a … Continue reading

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Greater #Manchester Low Carbon Hub hasn’t done its Carbon Literacy Training

[UPDATE – if you’re coming here because of a LinkedIn post, please email mcmonthly@gmail.com with the details of it! I am #curious.] The board of the Greater Manchester “Low Carbon Hub” (LCH), which aims to guide the city to a … Continue reading

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#Manchester Council gives MMU £13k for carbon literacy training – with no contract!

Manchester City Council has given a “contract” worth £12,900 for carbon literacy training … without going to the bother of a written contract!!  Against a target of 60 councillors ‘carbon literate’ by the end of 2014, the actual number was… … Continue reading

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