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Your chance to heckle MCFly: Weds 7th June, #Manchester #3MT

Here’s me giving my spiel in the “Three Minute Thesis” heat at University of Manchester Here’s the slide I used.   And… I’m through to the Three Minute Thesis Final to be held on Wednesday June 7, between 2pm and 3:30pm … Continue reading

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New Year’s (ir)resolutions from #Manchester #Climate Monthly

It’s that time of year again.  I’ve sent the questionnaire below to all the usual suspects – Green Party, Friends of the Earth, Climate Survivors, Carbon Coop, Kindling, Global Justice Now, Fossil Free Greater Manchester, Steady State Manchester. We’re not … Continue reading

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“What is to be done?” An oracle speaks #Manchester #climate #movementbuilding

First off; why on earth read this?  What credentials do I have to mouth off about successful movement-building?  There was a moment 6 years ago (Call to Real Action), but you can’t dine out on that stuff forever, you know. … Continue reading

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Predictions about the #climate rally in #Manchester today

As a trainee (social) scientist, I’m gonna make some predictions about the climate rally today. Based on my theories that the climate movement is an exemplar of the Smugosphere – that place where we do things because we can and … Continue reading

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Explaining #climate change in a #Manchester pub – of duvets, sailing ships and coal

Last night I got to do a ten minute “what is my research about” spiel at “PhD in the Pub.” It was followed by a slightly-less-than-20-minute q and a session (because I ‘donated’ some time from that to having folks … Continue reading

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#idebate ? #idespair as #Manchester “future politics” event puts #climate in #memoryhole

#iblame the parents. And the journalists. And, maybe just a bit – the kids. For what, you ask? For their utter (almost wilful) blindness to the numbers that matter. The numbers are not the turn-out at the Manchester Central bye-election … Continue reading

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“Plans are useless, planning indispensable” – pre-emptive mea culpa on #Manchester Climate Monthly’s missed targets

What Dwight (Eisenhower, that is) said. My other favourite quote – I think from von Clausewitz – is “no battle plan survives contact with the enemy.” Well, MCFly has been dishing it out – and then some – to organisations … Continue reading

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