Upcoming Event in #Manchester – “The Anthropocene and the Rupture of #Climate Change” 5th June

On Friday 5th June at 4pm there will be a VERY interesting talk on climate change hosted by University of Manchester’s Tyndall Centre. It will be given by Professor Clive Hamilton, of Charles Stuart University, Australia.

Hamilton has written on Australian Climate Policy (“Running from the Storm”, 2001 and “Scorcher“, 2007) and also on the psychology behind soft and ‘hard’ denial (“Requiem       for a Species: Why We Resist the Truth About Climate  Change”).  More recently he has been focusing on the “Anthropocene“, the new era of history brought about by humanity’s increasing impact on the planet’s ecosystems.

It’s free, there’s no need to book, and it promises to be extremely interesting. I’ll be the guy at the front clutching my heavily annotated copies of “Running” and “Scorcher”,  wanting to getting them signed like a fanboy….

Clive Hamilton Tyndall Seminar


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