Firewood sale in #Manchester (Tree Station)

Firewood sale – 10% off all firewood!
Buy a cubic metre of partially seasoned local hardwood firewood now and it will be ready to burn by the time the cold weather returns. At the sale price a cubic metre (approximately 320kg) is just £94.50 including delivery – saving you £25.50 compared to a kilned cubic metre delivered to you in winter. Got nowhere to store it? Why not order one of our log sheds – for £140 with free delivery (within M60) thrown in as part of this special offer. This is for a standard size and stores one cubic metre of logs, but we can make them to fit your required dimensions – please call 0161 2313333 to discuss. Made in our yard from locally sourced materials.

(Manchester Climate Monthly neither requested nor received any payment for this “advert” blog post. I put it up because Tree Station is a dead good outfit, and to show that I don’t bear the *&$%ers any grudge for not short-listing me for a job last year…. 😉


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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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One Response to Firewood sale in #Manchester (Tree Station)

  1. Peter Bagnall says:

    Wood dust and wood smoke is carcinogenic carcinogenic

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