Video: Brief History of Global Warming #bloomberg #slick, #climate #Manchester

This is just over 3 minutes, and very nicely done. If you have some denialist uncles (and don’t we all),then the fact that is by the business outfit Bloomberg (him what was mayor of New York) may make it harder for the standard ‘leftist hoax’ dismissal…


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1 Response to Video: Brief History of Global Warming #bloomberg #slick, #climate #Manchester

  1. Hi Marc,
    Have you seen the recent report from Inside Climate Chamge, about Exxon research into climate change? There is a short video about it:
    This should, silence those who claim, climate change is an attempt by environmentalists to take over the World.
    And, by the way, with the possible collapse of the Gulf Stream, the UK could be pluged into another ice-age, despite Global Warming.

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