Being involved in MCFly withOUT meetings

MCFly doesn’t “do” meetings – either holding or attending.  So how are people supposed to get involved?  Well, here are some jobs below, divided into four categories.  IF there were a groundswell of people who wanted to take on some of the complex and long tasks, as a group, I’d happily organise a meeting for those folks.  email is

Simple and Quick (e..g up to 15 mins)


Simple and Long


Complex and Quick


Complex and Long


Apocalypso posts

(urban ‘resilience’ and how to build it)

Proof read posts before they go up

Respond to posts with further thoughts/ questions

Come up with topics for future blog posts

Write blog posts about (urban) resilience. Investigate current ‘plans’ and preparedness in Greater Manchester.

Scrutiny Committees posts

(Manchester City Council’s ongoing epic failure on climate change)

Repost/ retweet/ share on facebook

Ask councillors to raise the questions

Read a report and come up with questions

Fire off emails to relevant councillors etc about the (lack of effective) scrutiny of climate change

As part of a (theoretical team) get involved in detailed critique of council non-action, laying out what could actually be done. NB This is futile – the Council isn’t listening, can’t listen, won’t listen. Much better to be dancing and drinking and screwing and generally carpe-ing the remaining diems.

Looting T’Ivory Tower

(Is there anything to be learnt from academia, if it’s translated?)

Proofread posts before they go up

Respond to post with questions about the topic. Do a google scholar search for other (recent) articles.

Suggest topics and hunt for academic articles that could be “translated”

Write some posts of your own!

Interview some academics about their work (they’ll be amazed and flattered that a Member of Public is paying attention!)

Other stuff

Send details of upcoming events

Write to councillors about the Council’s uselessness, report the replies.

Send in relevant articles about urban resilience, the hollowing out of democracy, the inability of states to respond to the escalating super-wickedness of climate. That sort of thing.

Write book reviews, accounts of meetings, send Freedom of Information Act requests to council, report answers.


About manchesterclimatemonthly

Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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