Video: Kevin Anderson on Paris, honesty and hope #COP21

Professor Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre Manchester kindly agreed to a further interview.  In this first part we discuss the outcomes of the recent UN climate conference in Paris, the reality of fossil fuel subsidies and the signal the Paris agreement may (or may not) send to big business and investors.

Parts two (on psychology and hope)

Part three (on denialism, what is to be done, what is NOT to be done and so on).

Part One
What Kevin wrote about Paris (on techno-utopias)

Clive Hamilton’s website (links to particular post-Paris post)


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6 Responses to Video: Kevin Anderson on Paris, honesty and hope #COP21

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  3. Mr February says:

    Great interview, as usual, Marc. Thanks for doing it. I have linked to it.

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