TfGM admits will miss emissions target by 1.68 million tonnes. #Manchester

tfgm coverTransport for Greater Manchester has a public consultation going on.  Not about sardine-packing on Metrolink, but about its Low-Emission (sic) Strategy (sic) and Air Quality Action (sic) Plan (sic). There are of course no guarantees it will listen to anything anyone says, any more than Manchester City Council does (not).

Why is MCFly taking up your valuable mental bandwidth even telling you about it then? Because, as an eagle-eyed reader has spotted, there’s a startling admission buried deep inside.  This;

tfgm admission

Yep, even if all currently proposed measures are delivered (and that’s the biggest if since Lindsay Anderson), the 2020 target will be missed by a cool 1.68 million tonnes.  Sort of puts your recycling efforts in perspective, doesn’t it?

Perhaps it is time to retronym TfGM?

Traffic fog gobbles Manchester

Totally futile ginormous mess?

What are your suggestions, reader(s)?


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1 Response to TfGM admits will miss emissions target by 1.68 million tonnes. #Manchester

  1. Ian Brown says:

    How many buildings, in Manchester City Centre, have solar panels or wind turbines on their roofs? From the ground it is difficult to tell but there is a win turbine on a roof near Oxford Road Station and the CIS building has solar panels. More such facilities could be used to power the, so called, Manchester trams.

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