Greens edge Labour in election!!! …

survey.  Greens edge Labour in election survey.

final survey.pngSorry, couldn’t help myself.

Manchester Friends of the Earth does an election survey, where they ask candidates for local authority seats across Greater Manchester a series of questions about their positions on climate and energy, air quality etc.  FoE does not get paid to do this, and it’s a lot of work – so, a serious shout out to them.  This is an important job, and they do it well.

And how many candidates from which parties have replied (in Manchester, as opposed to Greater Manchester)

2 Conservatives

8 Lib Dems

15 Labour (including the Glorious Leader himself)


18 Greens.

Thus the headline.  Look, politicians will happily sign up to 80% cuts by 2030 blah blah blah.  As we learnt in 2009, promises are easy.  Getting them to keep even a small percentage of their promises?   Not so much.


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1 Response to Greens edge Labour in election!!! …

  1. Dave Bishop says:

    Ah! I see that the glorious leader supports the “City of Trees” initiative – aka the “Import Tree Diseases” plan. Just a little reminder of ‘Bishop’s Law:: An organisations knowledge of, and/or concern for, the environment is inversely proportional to its propensity to plant trees. Everything now becomes clear – just as I thought – Manchester’s environment is toast!

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