Upcoming Event: #Salford & floods, Sun 5th June, Greater#Manchester

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Floods, Climate Change, Solutions
Sunday 5th June 4pm-6:30pm
Albert Park

With the official report into Lower Broughton’s Boxing Day flood delayed in a mire of red tape, this Sunday the Climate Survivors organisation is putting on an event for the community to work together to find its own solutions.

Full details here…

The promised `full investigation’ into Lower Broughton’s Boxing Day flood is nowhere to be seen, with its publisher, Greater Manchester Combined Authority, refusing to answer questions on when it will appear (see previous Salford Star article – click here).While the official authorities dally, a grass roots organisation called Climate Survivors is holding an open event in Albert Park this Sunday 5th June called Floods, Climate Change, Solutions, during which the local community is invited to explore the issues in a fun and family friendly environment…“In this winter’s floods, fiercer and more extensive than ever before, homes, possessions and livelihoods were lost in a matter of hours” says Pauline Lozoya Hocking of Climate Survivors “Rather than endless talking and future promises, communities have a right to effective protection and action on climate change right now. This event is an opportunity to work together and find our own solutions.”

The event will begin at 4pm, in the Alberts of Salford hut, with an information market and refreshments where questions can be asked and discussions take place. There will be children’s activities too.

Then there will be a few very short contributions from specialists to open the event… “Our aim is that the participants themselves have maximum time to discuss, so speeches will be minimal” says Pauline “And for the workshops, we are not setting the topics in stone as we want those who turn out on the day to have the final say.”

The provisional list of topics is…

* How is flood risk and intensity increased because of climate change?
“For those living with an increasing threat, this is crucial information that they have a right to know” Pauline explains “The science is often presented in ways not easy to understand if you are not already familiar with it. The workshop aims to make the science accessible to all.”

* How can we ‘slow the flow’?
“Working with nature by planting water hungry trees and bushes, less concrete, permeable driveways are among the many ways that rain water can be absorbed before reaching the river” says Pauline “These will be explored as well as the ways such adaptation could/should be funded.”

* What actions can individuals take and how can we work together and organise in communities to protect ourselves and reduce future flood risk?
What role does the Environment Agency, the Fire Service, Council play?

* Don’t we need a corresponding emergency economic climate plan?
“All agreements, Paris included, look at saving carbon in the future and in the meantime it’s business as usual” Pauline adds “But right here and now, climate change is devastating lives. Don’t we need climate to be at the heart of our economy, or we won’t have one?!  This workshop will explore this topic and how we influence decision makers and those holding economic power.”

Hopefully something will come out of the day that will help ensure Lower Broughton and other Salford flood areas stay safe for the future.

Floods, Climate Change, Solutions
Sunday 5th June 4pm-6:30pm
Alberts of Salford, Albert Park
Off Great Clowes Street M7 1XU

The event is free and everyone is urged to attend.

For further details see the Climate Survivors Facebook page – click here

Phone 07891 266635 or email climatesurvivors@gmail.com


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