Black Lives Matter shuts down London City Airport not #Manchester, obvs.

Protestors have closed a runway at London City Airport, for climate (and racism) reasons.Here’s a video explaining the reasoning.

Yep. Climate crisis is a racist crisis. We have known this since the the climate issue burst onto the global scene in 1988 (well, earlier). And rather than address global (and local) inequalities we have dicked around with fantasies of CCS, emissions trading and ‘carbon literacy’. We have sat in rooms while bullshitters (mostly but not entirely old rich white men) said and spread their bullshit.

Meanwhile the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have risen, the waters have risen, the temperatures have risen and the death of billions has been ‘locked in’. And yet we (climate activists) constantly think of ourselves as the ‘good guys’ who ‘mean well’.


[And yes, I fly, if there are no other options.]


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