Democracy is dying #Manchester Evening News letter on #climate

men-letter-12-12-2016Bless, the MEN published my letter about this horror show.
Thanks for your article about hedgehogs being born because of unseasonably warm temperatures (‘Randy hedgehogs have a surprising spring in their step’ 9 December).  As your reporter Lisa Gray noted, it looks as if this year will be the hottest year on record, thanks to our ever-increasing burning of fossil fuels.
Seasons aren’t the only thing ‘out of whack’, though – our democracy is struggling.  On Monday 5th December I attended the very white, very middle-class launch of the latest Council-funded climate change action plan for Manchester.  I asked if the elections to the ‘Steering Group’, promised in 2009 but never actually held, would ever happen.  I asked if the Stakeholder Conference that was unilaterally abolished in 2013 would be reinstated.  I asked if people could attend meetings of the Steering Group (they have never been allowed).
No answer to any of these questions was given.
Hedgehogs are getting looked after, but democracy is dying.

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2 Responses to Democracy is dying #Manchester Evening News letter on #climate

  1. Greg Robie says:

    sNAILmALEnotHAIL …but pace’n myself


    • Greg Robie says:

      Sorry about this nonsequester of a post. I guess the line I was supposed to insert my comment above was not the one I choose. Live and learn. Here is the comment I thought I sent:

      I’ve found memories of hedgehogs and democracy. The former when I was six and living on and near Bentwaters RAF, the latter, before the right to be irresponsible became the most exercised right in the West (particularly the US). Anyway, and socially, democracy isn’t so much dying as where it is being effected has shifted to the economy of CapitalismFail. After all, isn’t it our functional religion?

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