Another of those #Manchester- China links…

Eerie, innit?

“All candidates in the party and government are selected and appointed by their supervisors and predecessors, which means that they need not be answerable to social actors or the public but are accountable to their supervisors within the government (Zhu 2008). These officials are averse to questioning existing policies or proposing radical ideas lest their superiors be displeased (Zhu 2008).”
(Rawat and Morris, 2016: 623)

Rawat, P and Morris, J. 2016. Kingdon’s “Streams” Model at Thirty: Still Relevant in the 21st Century? Politics and Policy , Vol. 44, (4), pp.608-638. 10.1111/polp.12168

That citation-

ZHU, XUFENG. 2008. “Strategy of Chinese Policy Entrepreneurs in the Third Sector: Challenges of ‘Technical Infeasibility.’” Policy Sciences 41 (4): 315- 334.


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  1. Dave Bishop says:

    It certainly is eerie, Marc!

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