Upcoming: 17th Jan seminar “Changing institutions in a changing climate” #Manchester #climate


Prof Audley Genus

On Thursday 19th January, from 4pm, Professor Audley Genus of Kingston University will deliver a seminar on the following –

In the seminar, I argue that a more rounded understanding of how to respond effectively to the challenges posed by human-made climate change may be obtained by drawing on an institutional perspective. In particular I advance an approach which combines neo-institutional theory and critical discourse analysis in a complementary way. Such a discourse-institutional view has a number of benefits: (1) institutionally, it moves analysis beyond the usual if understandable focus on the activities and policies of government; (2) due attention is given to a view of institutions as stable but potentially changeable norms, professional standards, culture, and ingrained habit; (3) the language basis of institutions is duly recognized; and (4) connections among language in text, and in discursive and social practice are acknowledged, as are their role in processes of (non- or de-) institutionalization. The presentation summarizes the suggested approach, and illustrates it with reference to the example of the diffusion of renewable energy technologies.

The location is room C21, Pariser Building, Sackville Street-  number 12 on the map here-  http://www.manchester.ac.uk/discover/maps/interactive-map/?id=9

No need to book, no need to RSVP, just turn up (it’s free)


Here are some of his recent articles

Genus, Audley and Theobald, Kate (2016) Creating low-carbon neighbourhoods: a critical discourse analysis. European Urban and Regional Studies, 23(4), pp. 782-797. ISSN (print) 0969-7764

Genus, Audley (2015) Institutions, discourses and the promotion of renewable energy. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Energy and Environment , ISSN (online) 2041-840X (In Press)

Genus, Audley and Theobald, Kate (2015) Roles for university researchers in urban sustainability initiatives: the UK Newcastle Low Carbon Neighbourhoods project. Journal of Cleaner Production, 106, pp. 119-126. ISSN (print) 0959-6526

Piterou, Athina, Coles, Anne-Marie and Genus, Audley (2015) Sustainable energy projects and the community: mapping single building use of microgeneration technologies in London. Urban Studies, ISSN (print) 0042-0980 (Epub Ahead of Print)




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