Council long-listed for green energy award!! Er, #Nottingham Council…also Carbon Coop!

Manchester’s Carbon Co-op has been long-listed for the presitgous Ashden Awards.

According to the website – “The Awards celebrate global sustainable energy leaders and this year’s longlist ranges from a Malaysian architectural practice specialising in passive design to a UK designer of smart thermostats aimed at social housing…”

Carbon Co-op’s Jonathan Atkinson said on social media that he was “delighted Carbon Co-op have been included in the Ashden Awards long list 2017, it’s a real honour. The shortlist is announced in March.”

Meanwhile Nottingham City Council is also on the long-list.  As for Manchester City Council?  Totally uninterested in environmental matters, except as a marketing strategy.  And even when they were interested back in 2009 or so, they were useless at it.  So it goes.


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2 Responses to Council long-listed for green energy award!! Er, #Nottingham Council…also Carbon Coop!

  1. Tracy says:

    Ha ha! You had me going then. I was thinking,”What kind of useless organisation would give MCC a green award?”

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