#Manchester City Council’s £3m on communications, almost zero ‘carbon literacy’

The wage bill for Manchester City Council’s “communication directorate” was £3 million pounds last year.  Sadly, only 12 of the 77 staff employed within it have completed their ‘carbon literacy’ training – you know, that thing that the Council promised was a priority, that was a major plank in creating a ‘low carbon culture.’

If the people doing the communicating aren’t ‘carbon literate’, what does that tell you about whether this is a priority? It tells you everything you need to know…

Further, in response to a Freedom of Information Act request (basically the only way you can get any information out of the Council), it emerges that there is NO tailored package of carbon literacy specifically for communications staff. It also emerges that NO analysis has been conducted on the efficacy of the carbon literacy programme for comms staff has been conducted, nor is any been planned.

How’s THAT for leadership?


PS  In the reply to the FoIA the council helpfully adds The Communications Directorate is made up of print and mail services, event management, creative design, translations and interpretations, web and digital, media and marketing. Many of these services are income generators for the Council including: print and mail; event management; creative design; and translations and interpretations. The total wages bill for the Communications Directorate in 2015-16 was £2,999k.”



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