Number of non-Labour councillors on #Manchester City Council doubles with suspension of Kevin Peel.

Manchester City Council has reportedly suspended Councillor Kevin Peel over his social media activity. If this is true (and we have it from here [unsubbed Lib Dem schadenfreude] , here and also from a “reliable anonymous source”), then the number of Councillors who are not Labour Party apparatchiks has sensationally doubled from 1 to 2.

The Council is made up of 96 Councillors.  There is 1 Liberal Democrat, and now Kevin Peel, it seems.

Peel, who got in hot water for not having paid his Council Tax has also got a colourful social media history.  His ‘can’t breathe’ comments, for example, went down like Nigel Farage doing stand-up at a Remain fundraiser.

If Peel is suspended, presumably his chairmanship of the totally useless Neighbourhoods and Environment “Scrutiny” committee will be revoked, and someone else will get the gig. Then everything will be just fine. Oh yes.


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