Upcoming Event: “No Shortcuts” book launch Sun 9 April #Manchester

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noshortcuts launch

DescriptionHow do we rebuild power for the many, when all the odds appear stacked against us?

This is the question That US union organiser Jane McAlevey has grappled with in her new book “No Shortcuts”

Join us for the Book launch and get involved in discussing Jane’s ideas, as well as taking things forward in Manchester.

“For those of us grappling with the near-overwhelming difficulties of the ‘how-to’ of changing our workplaces, communities, and society, No Shortcuts is an invaluable resource.”


It will be fascinating, anthropologically speaking, to see if this event is standard newspaper-selling, sage on the stage and a Q&A that is structured so that it is dominated by the self-proclaimed ‘alpha’ males and females.  Or will the organisers be both willing and also able to walk the talk?


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2 Responses to Upcoming Event: “No Shortcuts” book launch Sun 9 April #Manchester

  1. Greg Robie says:

    I’ve been following this blog (& Twitter account) for about two years now. I saw in your efforts something I both admire and relate to: an appeal to rational behavior: a noble cause, right? Or an honorable action.

    I feel such efforts are honorable, however, at least sociologically within CapitalismFail, we are a rationalizing, not rational, species. I think history teaches us that at this time in the morphing of social conventions, those who fight for the truth of rational living get burned at the stake for heresy … or, as per this round in the cycle of the rise and fall of civilizations, ignored (or, at best, treated like we are the entertainment).

    How this relates to this post’s query is that it is based on the biased thinking that we are a rational species. I would observe that we are not; that the desire is to be ruled over, more so than deal with the responsibilities of ruling, preclude such being our condition … except for a small and dynamic subset.

    I have found it insightful to consider that freedom is the right to be responsible. In our shared English lexicon it now relates to a ‘right’ to be irresponsible … or at least limit such responsibilities significantly. Motivated reasoning seems to exist to make this behavior inevitable. The vast majority of those who show for the book event, even with this post being made ahead if it, will not be prepared for other than ‘entertainment’ … & your [likely?] comments, otherwise, will be easily dismissed (i.e., tolerated).

    I imagine there are days when being burned at the stake might seem preferable?

    =) Greg

    sNAILmALEnotHAIL …but pace’n myself


    !END >

    • Hi,

      it’s not looking good for us as a species, is it? We seem unwilling/unable to use our staggering brains to project into the future and make sensible decisions for the benefit of future generations in the here and now…

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