#Manchester Council Environment Executive member Rosa Battle still not carbon literate

Last year Manchester Labour Party went to the local elections with this in their manifesto

labour nonsense-page001

Seven months later, in early January 2017 the Executive Member for the Environment Rosa Battle told a committee of councillors that she was taking personal charge of making sure carbon literacy was rolled out.  Despite an invitation from MCFly, she refused to give any target date by which all 96 councillors (95 of whom are Labour) would have completed their carbon literacy.

This was wise, because in the following three months only one carbon literacy session took place (in late March), and Councillor Battle did not attend it,  meaning that she remains ‘carbon illiterate’.

The five (a paltry number) who did were the following councillors-

Cllrs Rawson, Azra Ali, Leech, Peel and Sadler.

How does MCFly know this?  Because we submitted a Freedom of Information Act request.  Why did we do this? Because the Council has chosen NOT to create an online database showing which councillors have and have not done their carbon literacy.

Leadership. It’s a wonderful thing.


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