#Manchester “Clean Air” Day, 15th June. BCAG statement

Manchester has awful air quality, in breach of European Union regulations.  Fortunately we are solving this problem by… leaving the European Union (#takebackcontrol).

So, this Thursday is “Clean Air Day”   . This event is happening.

MCFly has received the following press release from the estimable Breathe Clean Air Group, which has been campaigning vigorously for years.


The Breathe Clean Air Group welcomes Greater Manchester Clean Air Day. Although this event focusses on traffic air-pollution the group has appealed to the organisers and GM Mayor Andy Burnham not to forget air pollution caused by industry, power generation and domestic wood burning stoves.
“Air pollution from traffic exhausts is mainly nitrogen dioxide, which is an irritant and toxic gas, and affects the development of children’s lungs” said Pete Kilvert, Chairman of BCAG. “This is bad enough, but air pollution from industry, power generation and wood burning can contain heavy metals, other more toxin chemicals and Particulate Matter. The Particulate Matter, especially from burning biomass and from domestic wood-burning stoves, can get deep into the lungs, then transfers into the bloodstream and can lodge in the body’s organs, including the brain. This can cause heart attacks, strokes and cancer. Recent research has also linked Particulate Matter air pollution to Alzheimer’s disease and autism.”
The Breathe Clean Air Group has been campaigning for nearly seven years to stop the construction of the Barton Renewable Energy Plant in Davyhulme. “This is in fact an Incinerator which will burn the Peel Group’s waste wood and plastics and dump it into the air that we breathe” added Pete Kilvert. “Its poor technology, outdated filtration system and under-sized chimney stack will spread its pollution throughout the county and will create massive ill-health impacts. It will operate 24/7 for the next 25 years or more.”
The Group is also concerned that Davyhulme has been designated air pollution capitol of Greater Manchester with continuing offensive odours from Davyhulme Wastewater Treatment Facility, planning permission granted for huge storage tanks of toxic chemicals, coalbed methane fracking and the nearby Port Salford facility.
“It’s time that Greater Manchester and Trafford Council recognise the dangers of air pollution from industry, power generation and domestic wood burning and do something to reduce it,” added Mr Kilvert.


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