Repost: An energy system vision for a community energy-led future?

So, Jonathan Atkinson of Carbon Coop does some Deep Thinking about the future of energy. A good (19ish minute) read…

An energy system vision for a community energy-led future?

The energy transition is happening, what needs to be discussed now is what it looks like on the ground and what role Community Energy plays in it. Is the Community Energy movement’s vision of the transition one in which individual prosumers are liberated to become their own energy trading entities, one in which autonomous communities become self-sufficient energy islands or is it a national (if not international) federation of groups acting in an ever more integrated grid?

(Estimated reading 19 minutes)

In this blog we review energy system business model options for Community Energy groups but also critically examine the values that underpin these different visions and their implications for the performance of the future grid. We welcome responses from the Community Energy sector to this blog and see it as a starting point for debate not the end. Either post comments below or email us at

The old business model is dead?

As it becomes clear that…  keep reading here.


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