Training for protest at BP’s AGM in #Manchester: Tues 15 May

On May 21 BP is – for the first time ever – holding its AGM outside London.  They’re coming to Manchester.

There will be a protest.  There is training for that on offer.  Register via here. (Blurb below copied and pasted from there)



Imagine being in a room with Bob Dudley, the CEO of BP. What would you ask him?

BP’s annual general meeting (AGM) with its shareholders will be in Manchester on 21 May. ShareAction and a cohort of AGM activists will be in that meeting, asking carefully crafted questions that challenge BP’s business as usual approach to drilling for oil around our planet.

Would you like to be one of the AGM activists at the BP AGM?

Join us on 15 May to get skilled up in AGM activism and tell BP that they can’t go on drilling for oil in the years to come – it’s time to move on or be left behind.

Please register on this page if you are coming.

AGM activism is a tactic that has helped secure huge wins. Together, AGM activists have convinced more than one third of FTSE 100 companies to accredit as real Living Wage employers and supported major electricity users like Tesco to shift to 100% renewable electricity.

We’ve even used AGM activism to influence BP in 2016. Together, dozens of AGM activists and the investors that backed them stopped BP’s plans to drill off the southern coast of Australia in order to protect the diverse and vulnerable ecosystem in the Great Australian Bight. And, together, we won that one.

Now we need to influence them again.

We need to have an impact on BP’s current business model, it is incompatible with a future where our climate is safe. The human impact of their operations of immense. Together, AGM activists will be in the room to challenge that business model.

Any questions email, or call Michael on 020 3475 7874.



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