#Manchester City Council stops quarterly reports on its #carbon reduction farce.

One of the few victories Manchester Climate Monthly could point to was forcing the Council to produce quarterly climate reports  (they promised it, under pressure, didn’t deliver it, and then following more pressure, did).  And now they’ve stopped, following a ‘decision made verbally by the Executive Member for the Environment’.

This is how we drive a low carbon culture, of course.

Are the supine Labour Councillors going to fight back?  Ha ha ha.  And what does Friends of the Earth, that doughty watchdog think?  Well, presumably, whatever the Executive wants to do is fine with them.  And this is how we do democracy and transparency in Manchester.

Below is a Freedom of Information Request (not by MCFly) submitted in July, September [MCFly editor’s error] and the answer, given on 4th October.

Please can I have a copy of the following documents: “Carbon Reduction Monitoring Report Quarter One 2018/19” which may alternatively be entitled “Q1 Carbon Reduction Report 18/19” and “Climate Change Action Plan 2016-20 Quarter 1 2018/19 Progress Report” which may alternatively be entitled “Climate Change Action Plan Q1 2018/19 report” and any document which would explain why the above two documents haven’t been put on the councils website yet.


Quarterly carbon emissions and progress against actions reports are no longer published by the Council. A decision was made verbally by the Executive Member for Environment. Previously, the Council collated some buildings and transport related emissions data on a quarterly basis. However, these reports were unable to represent finalised and complete energy data for all of our operations as not all records of our operations are fully updated immediately after the end of the quarter (e.g. energy billing and staff business mileage claims). The most accurate and complete picture of the Council’s full direct CO2 emissions can be found in the annual carbon emissions report. This report is produced each summer, once the data from the previous year has been collated and verified and can be found here https://secure.manchester.gov.uk/meetings/meeting/3266/neighbourhoods_and_environment_scrutiny_committee


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2 Responses to #Manchester City Council stops quarterly reports on its #carbon reduction farce.

  1. Stephen Pennells says:

    Hmmmmmmmm.   You seem a bit lun-enamoured with MFoE.  I’ll look out for a letter in the MEN.  At the mo. I and people who think like me been going for some weeks without getting much in but might rise to a response, though I’ve got a lot coming up domestically and wouldn’t like to promise anything. Keep up the good work,  St.  If posting me packages , PLEASE mark on the outside ON THE FRONT : “If too big to go through the box leave with neighbours or in the porch”. Revised action from 9th. Oct 2018: Challenge the government to Fix Universal Credit (BEFORE 7 NOV) http://endhungeruk.org/ucpetition/

    Tackle the Great British Debt Trap with https://jubileedebt.org.uk/

    Tell the House of Lords to vote for trade democracy- to protect food, work standards, environment…. https://act.globaljustice.org.uk/tell-house-lords-vote-trade-democracy

    Campaigning on various issues, primarily with: Jubilee Debt Campaign, Global Justice Manchester (we used to be WDM) and  Christian AidAnd with sympathy towards and taking actions with Action Aid, Avaaz, CAAT, CADU, CAFOD, FTF, Islamic Relief, MFoE,Oxfam, SPEAK, Tearfund, Traidcraft, War On Want…38 Degrees..

    • Well, if you show me some examples of where Friends of the Earth actually stood up to Manchester City Council and said “nope, we’re no longer willing to be your figleaf, because this is too serious to turn a blind eye to your bullshit in exchange for some baubles” then I might be willing to change my mind….

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