Fridays still on my mind #manchester #climatebreakdown #fridaysforfuture

So, another Friday, another #Fridaysforfuture gathering, outside Manchester Central Library.

I didn’t stick around for terribly long. Seemed like the same numbers, with slightly different faces. A leaflet (with about three times as many words as it should have) to hand out.  No Forward Disruption Tea… Sorry, Forward Intelligence Team in attendance, but presumably after Saturday’s roadblock-y stuff in Manchester, that will change next Friday.

I did say in a previous post about this repertoire that I could go into more detail, I don’t really have time/bandwidth to go into any great detail, for various reasons.  So just this: Could we not establish some new norms of behaviour/fresh rituals for these things, to try to combine mobilising with movement-building (they are not, despite what the dreary trots and paper-sellers tell you,the same thing) ? My favourites would be

A  “Have and Want” board,  where people can write what it is they need help with (e.g. ‘I want to learn how to explain climate change to kids, I want to know what to do if I get arrested’, with space next to it for people to write answers.  People could also, if they wanted put a passport photo of themselves up next to the thing they want, and then other people can go find that person at the gathering and make contact. First time it will seem a little weird perhaps, but quickly becomes normal, and means the likelihood of finding out ‘useful’ contacts at the gathering makes it more likely people will come back.  Just needs an organiser to turn up with some cardboard, labelled’ “have and Want’ board, with bluetack and paper…

A ‘people who couldn’t be here’ sending support and ‘new ideas’ board
So, people can tweet in their support, have it written on paper and added – gives sense of more than just those present…
Doubles up as ‘new ideas’ board

Video vox pops
Someone with a smart phone asking attendees why they’ve come, why other people should come, then posting them on facebook/twitter/youtube  wherever.

Video press release
Similar to above, but a 60 second complication film, with a press release script being read out with appropriate images and clips.

Live tweeting
Someone whose job it is to monitor the twitter and reply to questions, ignore trolls etc
Doesn’t have to be the same person each week?




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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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