Upcoming event: Extinction Rebellion, Friday 14th December, #Manchester

From Facebook-

er 2018 12 14

Extinction Rebellion is founded on historical movements of civil disobedience. On Friday 14th December we will stand in honour of one of these movements, demonstrating that change is possible. That change will happen.

We demand deeds, not words.

Arrive in St. Peter’s square at 11am. Action to commence at time tbc.

The latest IPCC report called for “rapid, far-reaching and unpredented” changes at every level of society to avoid utter catastrophe.
Rising seas, more powerful storms & hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, spreading deserts, extreme heat waves, drought, famine, 100s of millions of displaced climate refugees…
Societal collapse around the world.
Climate breakdown represents the greatest emergency in history.

With this future no longer just around the corner, but here RIGHT NOW, did the government use their latest budget to announce a raft of massive sweeping radical policies to bring about urgent decarbonisation and build resilience for this unstable future?
Nope. They announced NOTHING.
They intend to do NOTHING.
The climate crisis wasn’t even MENTIONED in the budget!

It’s time to get active.
It’s time to get disruptive.
It’s time to rebel.

On Wednesday 31st October, peaceful Rebellion was declared against the criminally negligent government in Parliament Square.

On Friday 14th December we will be bringing to light the power of direct action in St. Peter’s Sqaure.


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