Upcoming event: “What will it take to keep global warming within safe limits?” #Manchester 23 January

Registration (necessary) via this site.



Global warming is a serious threat to all of us and even more to those who are younger. To stay within minimally safe limits (1.5 or 2 degrees C) there is only a certain amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that can be emitted. This is known as a carbon budget. For Greater Manchester it is 113 Megatonnes of CO2 equivalent (for 2 degrees). For the city of Manchester it is 15 Megatonnes. At current rates of emissions, Manchester would use up its share in between 4 and 10 years.

We’ll be looking at a recent article in Nature Climate Change that explores the possible pathways to net zero emissions. While most of the scenarios from the International Committee on Climate Change (IPCC) suggest overshooting the budget and then sucking CO2 back out of the atmosphere (using technology that has yet to be demonstrated at sufficient scale), this article suggests that “alternatives including lifestyle changes, agricultural intensification and lab-grown meat, as well as an even more rapid adoption of renewables and energy efficiency. Some of these have tended to be excluded from the conversation, because they are hard for scientists to model.”

Booking is necessary: on signing up we’ll send you links to the reading for the discussion which include the scientific article and a more accessible summary. We also ask that if, having booked, you find that you can’t come, or maybe this isn’t for you, then you let us know so you don’t hog one of the limited places.


Wed, January 23, 2019
7:00 PM – 8:30 PM GMT
Manchester Metropolitan University
Sandra Burslem Building, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, Room G 0.7
Lower Ormond Street
M15 6BH


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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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2 Responses to Upcoming event: “What will it take to keep global warming within safe limits?” #Manchester 23 January

  1. annetucker85 says:

    Hi Marc,

    Unfortunately I cannot come to this discussion though I would really love to. I cant quite work out what it is though – will it be an active seminar /workshop where we all come up with suggestions and discuss/eliminate/take these further? Or will it be a listening exercise? What are the aims and goals of the meeting in itself? Will the results be fed into other similar discussions? Is this not something that should be ‘developmental’ ie second meeting fleshes out more of the first and extends it, third meeting does the same to the second etc?

    All my Christmas money this year (I don’t do presents I just give the amount of money I think I would have spend on presents to political organsations doing good things) has gone to organisations battling against climate breakdown – whether fracking, coal mining, palm oil, supporting lawyers backing jailed activists …..

    I am really keen to do what I can to lessen demand for car driving, flying and all power from non-renewable sources

    If you/they(?) do this again, please let me know Best wishes Anne

  2. Roger Bysouth says:

    hi Anne – It’s one of http://www.steadystatemanchester.net‘s fairly regular reading group sessions – it has no pre-determined outcomes or follow on other than that we hope people leave better informed about an issue. If actions are suggested and agreed, the collective will take them up. They may fit well with what we’re already working on (see website). Sorry you can’t make it. We have sent out to those who register some key things (links) to read about it and if you let us know we can send you them anyway – email us on steadystatemanchester@gmail.com. They focus on the science. All the best

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