Upcoming Event: Hugo Blanco in #Manchester, Mon 25 February

From press release-

Veteran Peruvian activist Hugo Blanco, who was born in 1934, will visit Manchester and speak about his life and current political work at a meeting on Monday 25 February.

Derek Wall Hugo Blanco 14mm v5_MerlinHis life of ecosocialist struggle for the Quechua and other indigenous peoples around the world has been chronicled in Derek Wall’s new book Hugo Blanco: A Revolutionary for Life (Merlin Press and Resistance Books).

The book describes Hugo Blanco’s journey to Argentina, back to Peru, his trial, imprisonment and international campaign for his release, his time in exile in Mexico, Chile and Sweden, his return to take up a position in the Peruvian parliament, and his present-day activities.

This impressive figure, now 84 years old and still actively involved as editor of the weekly newspaper Lucha Indigena (‘Indigenous Struggle’), will be speaking in Manchester on Monday 25 February 7pm-9pm together with Derek Wall, formerly a Principal Speaker for the Green Party.

This meeting, a Resistance Books launch, will be a unique opportunity to discuss with Hugo Blanco and Derek Wall, and other invited speakers, contemporary revolutionary ecosocialism in movements of solidarity with the exploited and oppressed in Latin America and lessons for global left politics.

Register here for the event: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/hugo-blanco-in-manchester-tickets-53862706806


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