Interview with Ishaa Asim, #climate activist. #YouthStrike4Climate #SchoolStrike4Climate

Ishaa Asim, a member of the Manchester Youth Council, kindly answered some questions about her activities. See here for an interview with Emma Greenwood, and here for one with George Hassall.

Was the March 15th event bigger than you thought? What was your favourite thing about it?ishaa amin
The event was bigger than I thought, as there were so many people and posters everywhere! I loved seeing people speak, so many shy people took to the stage to pour their hearts in to the cause, which they believed in. I loved encouraging others to find their voice in the march.

When did you first start learning about climate change – was it in school, from your parents? Did Greta Thunberg have a part to play?
Climate change – as a member of the Manchester Youth Council, I’ve been involved with the issue for some time. I take inspiration from my Year 8 Geography lessons, where we learnt about key aspects of the world and how it is so damaged. It made me want to help and do something to protect it!

What next after the 15th March strike?
The next strike for Manchester is Friday 12th April, like last time I will be assisting and organising people to make sure they all get a chance to speak and be heard. This time there will be a protest in main roads to attract attention, which is controversial. I will hope to work with my team to make sure there are two aspects; one direct and one non direct action. Students will be able to choose whether they want to peacefully protest or do something direct but still legal.

This is the tricky one – what sort of help/advice/support would you like from your parents, existing activists, adults? How is that best offered (I call it the POG problem – “Piss Off Grandpa/Grandma”)
Young people need all the help they can get, as we can only do so much! We need adults to understand our perspective and think of the future, be selfless and think of what will happen.


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