Interview with Youth #Climate Striker Harriet Potts #YouthStrike4Climate

Every Friday, Manchester Climate Monthly is going to publish an interview with a Youth Climate Striker from (Greater) Manchester, to coincide with the Fridays for Future gathering outside the rear steps of the Town Hall (or at the Central Library if it’s raining, which occasionally does happen in Manchester)

Date for your diary – Friday 24 May for the next Climate Strike. St Peter’s Square, 12 noon.

Now on with the interview, with Harriet Potts.

Was the last strike bigger than you thought it would be ? What was your favourite thing about it?

harriet potts

Photo supplied by Harriet Potts

The event was insane, I was so proud of everyone that turned up to shout and make some noise about one of the biggest issues impacting us right now. The strike was the biggest one I had been to yet and I hope they only get bigger. My favourite bit of the event was probably the sense of community, everyone joined together for this amazing cause and as of today (May 1st 2019), the government are listening and have declared a climate emergency. Knowing that as a young person I can make this change and that there are other young people who feel as passionately about this issue as I do is amazing.

When did you first start learning about climate change – was it in school, from your parents? Did Greta Thunberg have a part to play?
Greta Thunberg is one of the most inspiring people on the planet, she has single handedly started a revolution and I am in complete awe of her… But she’s not where my interest in the climate stemmed from. Sir David Attenborough made me fall in love with our planet with his documentaries and because of him, I decided I wanted to learn how to save it.

What next after the last strike?
More and more and more strikes. The impact this strike had shows that we can make a change. I have also recently been elected as an environmental representative for a project [more details of this soon]  and I am so excited to see where this leads, our planet should be our priority and I am determined to share this message far and wide.

This is the tricky one – what sort of help/advice/support would you like from your parents, existing activists, adults? How is that best offered (I call it the POG problem – “Piss Off Grandpa/Grandma”)
I love the the name you’ve given to it… I’d say the biggest thing I’d like is for all young people to be listened too and taken seriously. Our futures are at stake and we have some pretty incredible people who know how to help fix it. Also… Please, please, please do your bit for the environment. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!


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