Upcoming event: “Green New Deal: A debate on our #climate future” Sunday 19 May #Manchester. Well, #Salford

This is happening next Sunday night. Tickets here.

greennewdeal 2019 05 19

Climate change is happening, and it’s affecting our world faster than we ever
thought. Current estimates give us 12 years to drastically decarbonise our
economies to halt and hopefully reverse the break down of our natural
environment. The phrase ringing around the world from the likes of Alexandria
Ocasio-Cortez in the US, Caroline Lucas in the UK and Yanis Varoufakis in
Europe is The Green New Deal. The plan to rescue our planet.

The Green New Deal sets out the steps to transform our industries and societies
from extracting and abusing our planet and it’s people, to protecting and
sustaining the environment while developing an economy for all.

As part of Diem25s Dusk till Dawn program of events across Europe on May 19th
we’re bringing art and politics together to explore how we can save our planet
from climate destruction.

Join Diem25 in exploring the Green New Deal as we debate what it is, does it go
far enough? And can it save us?


Interview with the organisers of this event will appear on Manchester Climate Monthly imminently.

There’s another Green New Deal event happening, on Weds 29 May at the Methodist Hall, Oldham St.

And of course, there’s “What next for Climate Action in Manchester?” manchesteron Thursday 23rd May….


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