Upcoming Event: Climate emergency: let’s talk solutions #Manchester 30 May

Free event, at the Patagonia Store, from 6.30pm on Thurs May 30th. Book here

Climate emergency: let’s talk solutions.
We are witnessing a seismic shift in the campaign to prevent climate breakdown.

Schoolchildren have gone on strike, many deeply committed people have taken to the streets, towns and cities up and down the country have declared an emergency, and the BBC has – finally – broadcast a prime-time documentary on climate change.

If David Attenborough’s ‘Climate Change: The Facts’ (in combination with a Netflix series on the same theme) can have the same effect on the public response to climate change that Blue Planet had on attitudes to plastics, then we might just turn the tide.

The UK, Welsh and Scottish parliaments have now declared a climate emergency. They have recognised that we now have very little time to ensure that we stay within 1.5 degrees C of global temperature rise. October’s IPCC special report on 1.5 degrees C was very clear: we must reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions globally by 2050, with a 45% decrease on 2010 levels by 2030, if we are to avoid the unthinkable consequences of a world warmed by 2 degrees C or more.

So, we have recognised that we are in an emergency. Now we must urgently turn the conversation to delivering the solutions. This will be the topic of the evening event on the 30th May hosted by Patagonia in Manchester.

For over 12 years (CAT) the Centre for Alternative Technology’s Zero Carbon Britain project has looked at how we can get to net zero greenhouse gas emissions using technology available today – without relying on unproven future carbon-capture technologies and without new nuclear. We’ve crunched the numbers on renewable energy, buildings, transport, diets and land use, and we’ve looked at the social, cultural and economic changes that are needed to bring about the transformation. For more information on the Zero Carbon Britain scenario and the training offered by the CAT visit www.cat.org.uk

So please do join us on the evening of the 30th May. This participative event will open new conversations around what a climate emergency action plan for the UK would look like, and how we can all become involved…

Where: Patagonia, King Street, Manchester

When: 6:30pm Thursday 30th May


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