Greater #Manchester Climate Emergencies, Pension Funds and… shark jumping?

Two pieces of news and one mild-by-MCFly-standards rant.

News the first –
1. It seems that the airport-expanding greenfields-building chaps (and it is mostly chaps) at Greater Manchester Combined Authority have decided that they’d best join the crowd and declare a ‘climate emergency’.   According to this exclusive report in the Local Government Chronicle, the declaration will be made today.

Greater Manchester will then become the fourth combined authority to have declared a climate emergency, after West Midlands CA did so earlier this month,

Liverpool City Region declared on 28 May and West Yorkshire CA declared on 27 June.

News the second –

2. Activists are going to gather in Tameside to protest outside the meeting of the Fossil-Fuel-loving Greater Manchester Pension Fund (see MCFLy previous post) . As per a tweet-

@FFFManchester is taking at team tram trip to Droylesden to encourage Manchester pension fund to divest. See you there at 12:30. Deets here:


3.  Can this get any more shark-jumpy?   Who will next declare a Climate Emergency?  Virgin Airlines? BP?  The Global Warming Policy Foundation?

I know it is obvious, but it bears repeating.

In. The. Absence. Of. Innovation. From. Social. Movements. Away. From. Emotacyclic-Peak-Emotional-Resonance-Moments. Towards. Granular- Day-In-Day-Out-Engagement. With. Local. Policy. And. Local. Policymakers. We. Will. Probably. End. Up. With. The. Same. Result.

And even if we do all that, we’re still probably toast. But let’s at least give ourselves a fighting chance? FFS.


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1 Response to Greater #Manchester Climate Emergencies, Pension Funds and… shark jumping?

  1. johngrayson5404 says:

    Hi Marc, Thanks for the notifications. I got to the Waterhouse Pub at 1.15pm on Wednesday, ready to apologise for being late.I couldn’t see anyone I knew, any relevant badges or signs.I went home.Was it a no-show? Best wishes, John PS I seem to be in the process of being stitched up by the Labour Party caucus.

    Preserve life on Earth

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