Upcoming event: Pension fund protest: Mon 2nd Sept #divestment #climate #Manchester

On 2nd Sept Join Rising Up! Manchester Families in a very visual and surreal climate action along with Ethel and the Earthlings, green and blue from head to toe, and Sami the polar bear. We’re off to Droylsden to call on the Greater Manchester Pension Fund – who have approximately £2billion invested in fossil fuels – to deliver handmade cards from Manchester children asking the fund to think about their futures and invest in industries which help not harm it.

This particular action came about because of a question asked by my five-year-old Maia. “Don’t they have children?” she asked when I tried to explain why so little had been done in the years that we had known about how our actions changed the climate. That still, there is so much money to be made from fossil fuels. “Are they bad, don’t they care?” “Maybe they don’t know,” she said. So we are off to tell them.

Many have told them already. Fossil Free Greater Manchester have been campaigning for years. Extinction Rebellion joined them recently, chaining themselves to the entrance when there was a meeting, climate ecocide sprayed across the building. But people were angry and sad, because the building commemorates a soldier who died while on duty.

So we will follow. With our cards from children, a small gaggle of weird and wonderful creatures to deliver them.

On the tram over from Manchester to Droylsden, and outside the building, we will engage passengers and passers-by in a game of ‘What’s My Future?’ The giant paper fortune teller revealing answers, some which help, some which hurt the earth.

There are a number of people who would be great to interview. 10-year-old climate activist Lillia Adetoro – who has been interviewed by numerous media outlets as part of her activism – has written a poem which she will read. Youth MP for Bury and Youth Strike activist Emma Greenwood will also be with us. Parents taking part include Kath Morgan, an Emergency Medicine consultant at A&E who believes it is important to show her children that she is fighting against inaction on climate breakdown.

Timing etc
Monday 2 September
11:15 photo opportunity at St Peter’s Square

11:45 photo opportunity, interviews and opportunity to film at Guardsman Tony Downe House, 5 Manchester Road, Droylsden, M43 6SF

Or join us on the tram to play, What’s My Future with people on the way.

Rising Up! Manchester Families

We are a family climate group, part of Extinction Rebellion, making it fun and meaningful for families to take action in demanding a future.


Rose Arnold 07422972702


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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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