Weds 9th Oct: Will Trafford Council divest £36m from Fossil Fuels companies? @traffordgreens

This below from the Trafford Green Party –

We’ve discovered that Trafford Council has over £36million of your money invested in BP, Shell, British Gas and other fossil fuel giants!

We believe this money should be invested in green solutions, instead of subsidising these polluters. We want the Council to change it but we need your help. 

The money is in Greater Manchester’s Pension Fund. Unbelievably, they have over a billion pounds of pension money across Greater Manchester invested in the fossil fuel industry – making the climate crisis worse, instead of better.

How can you help?

– Can you come to Trafford Council on Wednesday night? Bring posters, T-shirts and banners. We’ll be meeting at the 6pm at the main entrance (opposite the Old Trafford cricket ground).

– If you live in Trafford, contact your councillors asking them to support the Green Party motion. Let them know how important this issue is to you. You can find their contact details here

– If you live in another part of Greater Manchester contact your councillors asking them to bring a similar motion to their council. Let them know how important this issue is to you. You can find their contact details here

– Share this story on social media and tag @traffordgreens.


Trafford declared a climate emergency last year, thanks to your Green Party councillors. But we need actions, not just words

Thanks for your support and hope to see you Wednesday!


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